Nossa Terra Firme is Portuguese for our both ” our safe ground” and “our upland”. Terra Firme is how Amazonian peoples refer to those regions in the rainforest that are never flooded, even during the heavy rain season. NTF Consulting’’s mission is to bring that sense of belonging, environmental responsibility and intimacy with the Amazon forest to the policy exercise and to development of socioenvironmental business. Creating a path between policy analysis, excellence management and local knowledge is the key to endure successful and lasting environmental projects in the Brazilian Amazon. And that is the purpose of NTF Consulting: to built bridges, translate knowledge and implement sustainable development in the Amazon.

The Founder


Iara Vicente is the founder and main consultant of NTF Consulting. She is a Master in Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy Candidate in a Program run by School of International and Public Affairs and the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Born and raised in the city of Rio Branco, in the western Brazilian Amazon, she majored in Sociology at the University of Brasilia. In the early years of her professional life, she worked with analysis and development of public policy for the Brazilian forest in several environmental non-profits. Now, she aims to contribute to the sustainability agenda in the Amazon through a hands-on approach on how to ally Amazon’s local dynamics, scientific findings and best management practices on policy design, business planning, and storytelling efforts.


Associate Consultant



Euzimar Gomes is originally from Rio de Janeiro. She is a biologist, MA in Ecology by the Federal University of the North of Rio de Janeiro. After completing her graduate studies, she served as a ranger at the State Park of Tres Picos, one of the few spots of Atlantic Rainforest still preserved at Rio de Janeiro State. During her time at the Park Management,  refounded all Consultive Counsils in a tree-state area, mobilized resources to capacitate fellow rangers, created institutional mechanisms for the Park to welcome practitioners of afrobrazilian traditions and other avant-garde social participation efforts. For the past year, she was lead educator and textbook author for the Program of Environmental Community Agents of the State of Para.





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