The Confraria Nossa Terra Firme team brings together experienced professionals and new talents of sustainable development. More than a network of freelancers, this Confraria aims to be a practical school of professional education. Young professionals educating each other, fostering and promoting intergenerational knowledge, all for a common cause.

Iara Vicente

Master of Public Administration in Science and Environmental Policy from Columbia University. Worked in the third sector as an analyst of public policies for communities in Amazon. Developed the Program of Community Environmental Agents (PAAC-PA), currently in implementation in the State of Pará.

Euzimar Gomes

Master in Ecology from Fluminense Federal University. Former State Park Park Guard of the Three Peaks, State of Rio de Janeiro. PhD candidate at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, in the Biology and Ecology of Global Changes Program.

Samara Lima

Photographer and Bachelor in Tourism by the University of Brasília. She has worked in several modalities (research, small business management and communication) of sustainable community tourism promotion. Worked for 5 years supporting the management of Eco-Hostel Maloca, located in the village of São Jorge (Goiás).

Veriana Ribeiro

Award-winning journalist, Cultural Producer and Videomaker. She works with journalism in human rights and film education in the Brazilian Amazon. Experienced in Executive Production, Still Photography, Screenplay and Direction.

Juliet Matos

Fundraising specialist for non-governmental organizations. Juliet studied Political Science at the Federal University of Acre and worked in important humanitarian organizations such as the Pro-Indian Commission of Acre, Cáritas Brasileira and Amnesty International.

Alessandra Olinda

Sociologist (University of Brasília) and Journalist (Institute of Higher Education of Brasília). It works by making the intersection between the sociology of virtual communication and the exercise of web journalism, social media strategies, advertising and publicity. Proficient in Adobe (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Premiere).

Chayane Daltio

Lawyer, postdoctoral degree in Political Science from Sá Estácio University. She was a member of the OAB / ES Law Firm at the beginning of the career in 2015. She was also Vice-President of the Association of Young Lawyers of Espírito Santo in 2017. Today she is a member of the OAB / V.V. / ES. She has been involved in social issues of high complexity, such as the assistance to street people and victims of gender violence.

Sonia Vicente

Specialist in Psychopedagogy by the University of Brasilia. Bachelor in Spanish Language by the Federal University of Acre, and Administrative Assistant. Participated in pro-democracy movements during the 1980’s and is grassroots expert in political analysis.

Daniel Vicente

Social sciences undergraduate at the University of Brasilia – UnB. Translator (English),  hotographer and Production Assistant interested in promoting social justice and access to formal education in Brazil.