Policy Design

Development of simple, efficient and pragmatic governance instruments. We defend that successful environmental policy designs should combine  education and monitoring; drawing inspiration from both state-of-the-art scientific information and similar success cases from around the world.

Program & Project Analysis

Identification of successes, weaknesses and opportunities for improving the long-term sustainability of existing policies. Elaboration of diagnoses and recommendations.

Executive Prodution

Documentaries, journalistic coverage and events related to sustainability. Media strategy for sustainable businesses, non-profits, and government entities.

Literature Review

Bibliographical, historical and political review to inform publications, films or projects related to the the developing world, its biomes and populations.

Indicator Systems

Elaboration of strategies to measure the progress of a given policy or intervention. Structured in order to balance qualitative and statistical aspects, considering the available databases.

Retail & Investment Curatorship

Product recommendation, contact with suppliers and elaboration of marketing strategies for socio-biodiversity-related publics. Connection between investors and legitimate community conservation initiatives, showcasing their merits and limitations.

Greening Productive Chains

Transition plans for reducing the ecological impacts of business; carbon- emission accounting and connection with sustainable business learning opportunities and networks.

Small Business Incubator

Consulting services at popular prices for small businesses committed to sustainability. Packages include strategic planning, brand consolidation, financial planning, and business structuring.