Strategic Consulting

Nossa Terra Firme Consulting and Productions is a social business that provides consulting services via a network of freelance collaborators. We are specialized in strategic assessment to design, implement, expand and innovate in initiatives connected to the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), stablished by the United Nations in 2015. In its 3 years of operations, Nossa Terra Firme participated in +20 projects, localized in 7 different cities amongst Brazil and Haiti. Our actions impacted +2 million hectares of Protected Areas and reached, direct and indirectly, +3000 people.

For 2019, our main goals are: 1) To prototype, implement and enable public interest, economic development and environmental protection projects in the Global South; 2) To offer state-of-the-art professional education for young professionals via Youtube tutorials, Blog Posts and Coaching; besides the intensive practical training dedicated to our collaborators and, 3) To promote South-South international cooperation between influencers, governments, research institutes, businesses and startups.