The Confraria Nossa Terra Firme brings together experienced freelancers and new talents from sustainable development invited to work on our projects, as needed. More than a network of freelancers, the Confraria aims to be a free school of professional education. Youth educates young people, one generation learns from the other, and all for a common cause: developing our countries in a sustainable way.

Iara Vicente

Master of Public Administration in Science and Environmental Policy from Columbia University. Enthusiast, mobilizer and designer of sustainable initiatives in developing countries. Led the implementation of several projects of this kind, including the development of the Community Environmental Agents Program (PAAC), currently under implementation in the State of Pará.

Euzimar Gomes

PhD candidate at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, in the Biology and Ecology of Global Change Program and Master in Ecology from Fluminense Federal University. Ex-Guarda Park of the Three Picos State Park, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, where he implemented several innovative initiatives, including the demarcation of exclusive spaces for African worships in that Protected Area.

Veriana Ribeiro

Writer, award-winning journalist, cultural producer and videomaker. Works with journalism in human rights and film education in the Brazilian Amazon. Experienced in Executive Production, Still Photography, Screenplay and Direction.

Juliet Matos

Specialist in fundraising for non-governmental organizations. Juliet studied Political Science at the Federal University of Acre and worked in important humanitarian organizations such as the Pro-Indian Commission of Acre, Cáritas Brasileira and Amnesty International.

Gleidson Oliveira

Postgraduate in Public Policy Management at the Federal Institute of Brasília and holds a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Brasília (2016). Has experience in Environmental Sciences, with emphasis on Public Policies focused on Sustainability. Worked as Financial Administrative Director at O2 Consultoria Ambiental Jr (2015). Trainee at the Sustainability Center of the University of Brasília (2014-2016) and participated in the Selective Solidarity Collection Project linked to the Extension Deanery of the University of Brasília.

Alessandra Olinda

Sociologist (University of Brasília) and Journalist (Institute of Higher Education of Brasília). It works by making the intersection between sociology of virtual communication and the exercise of web journalism, strategies of social media, advertising and propaganda. Proficient in Adobe (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Premiere).

Chayane Daltio

Lawyer, graduate student in Political Science from Estácio de Sá University. Was a member of the OAB / ES (2015) Law Firm Commission, and also Vice-President of the Association of Young Lawyers of Espírito Santo (2017). She is currently a member of the Councilor for the Women’s Committee and the OAB Human Rights Commission V.V./ES. Has been involved in social issues of high complexity, such as the assistance to street people and victims of gender violence.

Samara Lima

Bachelor of Tourism from the University of Brasília. He has worked in several instances (research, small business management and media) related to sustainable community tourism. He supported Eco-Hostel Maloca, located in the village of São Jorge (Goiás), in its administrative and culinary management.

Sônia Vicente

Specialist in Psychopedagogy at the University of Brasília (UnB), bachelor in Spanish from the Federal University of Acre (UFAC). She participated in pro-democracy movements in the 1980s, becoming a practical expert in socioeconomic analysis.

Luiza Chaer

Social scientist with interest in political sociology, architecture and human rights. Translator, she worked on humanitarian missions in the Palestine region, where she supported projects for food security in settlements.

Daniel Vicente

Graduated in Social Sciences from the University of Brasilia (UnB) interested in promoting environmental preservation and access to higher education in Brazil. Cultural Production Assistant and Translator.

Leticia Canut

Graduate in Public Policy Management and Translation Assistant. Interested in research and design of public policies for sustainable development, gender equality and the rights of LGBTI populations.

Livia Castro

Cultural Production Assistant. Environmentalist, feminist and militant for human rights. She was a trainee at the Zoobotânico Park in Rio Branco and at the NGO SOS Amazônia. Co-organizer of the Cultural Project SLAM das Minas, in Rio Branco / AC.